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Package Drop-Off Services in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Bushwick Post is an authorized and convenient drop-off location for FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL


We cannot take returns with QR codes. Here's a helpful video showing how you can cancel and redo your return through Amazon so you have a UPS dropoff label which we CAN accept.

We cannot accept clinical or medical shipments per our agreements with the carriers, including but not limited to diagnostic tests, medical equipment, prescription or non-prescription medication or supplements.

Businesses and customers can drop off their already-packed and labeled shipments at our location, or print their labels and finish packing here as well. (If you have no packaging or prepaid label, of course we can help you as well!)

FedEx, UPS and DHL packages which are pre-packed and pre-labeled may be dropped off for no additional charge.
USPS packages which are pre-packed and pre-labeled may be dropped off, with a charge of $1.00 per package.
Stamped mail may be dropped off for free. (We also sell envelopes and stamps).
If you need to print your label, email it to
If you need to pack your drop off or return, we have envelopes, padded envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap and other padding, at affordable prices.
Taping your return in the store is an additional .50.
Don't forget that most international shipments require three copies of an invoice or packing slip affixed to the outside of your package or box.
Bushwick Post cannot accept USPS Registered Mail. This is only available at the post office.
We accept ready-for-shipment letters and packages for:


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